Featured Artists

The Girl on the Edge of the Wishing Pond

Betsy Bohrer is an outstanding local artist we’ve known for 15 years. Her art is colored by her life experiences. She uses soft pastels and oils on canvas and paper as her chosen medium.

I preserve my life experiences as free-verse poetry, captured moments, observations, and the occasional whimsical doodle in my journals. These meditations transform and evolve through layers of color, texture, and insomnia into tangible visual images. I convey these images through oil and pastel on hand textured paper, board, and canvas, ultimately illustrating and defining my life story.


To view more of Betsy’s art visit www.thebohrergallery.com




One of the most engaging artists, Donald Stone, shares his wealth of insights about folk art in Florida and the significance of symbols in his own pieces. Stone’s pieces include orange groves in bright lines and sea worthy ships with historically relevant details “sprinkled” throughout the pictures.







Wes Cowley is a retired computer scientist, having worked on seminal versions of many applications in use today, such as database management systems, airline and hotel reservation systems, online banking and yield management techniques. Wes has been a life-long photographer, spending many happy hours in a black and white darkroom. Moving to digital with the technology, he currently shoots Nikon and Fujifilm cameras. Eclectic best describes Wes’ work, landscapes, cityscapes and sunscapes, also street/candid people photography. He began selling his photography in 2011, refusing to hide his “light” under a bushel any longer. He has enjoyed success at art shows across Florida and elsewhere.


To view more of Wes Cowley’s images, visit www.wescowleyphotography.com